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Circle Invaders

Description :

Controlling a gunner, your aim is to destroy the random circles which appear at the top of the screen, and achieve the best score you can in each game mode.

The target circles are of varying sizes and must each be hit multiple times before they are destroyed. Each time a circle is hit its size is reduced, and its momentum is slightly altered. The circles are not affected by overlapping with each other.


Use tilt controls to move your gunner sideways.

Touch the screen to fire, and touch it twice simultaneously for a triple shot (which only works if you have 'Triple Time' in the bank. Your Triple Time builds up when you are not firing at all, but is depleted while using the triple shot. You start with 5 seconds of Triple Time per life.

Scoring and Survival

Combos are scored by destroying circles within 1 second of each other. The longer the combo, the more points are gained for each circle destroyed. Achieving high combos depends on allowing large numbers of circles to arrive on screen.

You start with 3 lives, and each time you succeed in destroying 50 circles, you are awarded with an extra life (except in one life mode).

Game modes

Besides the standard game, there are a range of other modes with different rules.

RACE TO 2000 - score 2000 points in the shortest possible time.

1 MINUTE RUN - achieve the highest score you can within 1 minute.

ONE LIFE MODE - one life for the entire game, and no extra lives.

NO TRIPLE SHOT - the gunner can only fire straight up

BULLET SHORTAGE - bullets are tightly rationed. Any bullets which don't hit a circle are lost, but you
can gain extra bullets by destroying circles. In this mode you have to be very careful when using the
triple shot

Each mode has a global leaderboard, shown at the end of each game. These leaderboards can also be viewed via the laurel wreaths on the main menu.

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