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Birdy Dong

Description :

Gloop : The Great Fall is a simple physics-based arcade game where you have to save a falling Gloop (a blob like alien from the planet Glooperria).
Create star constellations to navigate Gloop through space.
Avoid meteorites, debris, spaceships and other dangers of deep space.
Collect coins to unlock various customizations for Gloop.
Share your high score with other players and see where you stand in the worldwide leaderboard.

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : GriffinGames Studio
Version Actuelle : 1.0.2
La Taille : 2.3M
Avis : 10
Installations : 43114 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
Gloops-The-Great-FallGloops-The-Great-Fall 1Gloops-The-Great-Fall 2Gloops-The-Great-Fall 3Gloops-The-Great-Fall 4Gloops-The-Great-Fall 5Gloops-The-Great-Fall 6Gloops-The-Great-Fall 7Gloops-The-Great-Fall 8Gloops-The-Great-Fall 9Gloops-The-Great-Fall 10Gloops-The-Great-Fall 11Gloops-The-Great-Fall 12Gloops-The-Great-Fall 13Gloops-The-Great-Fall 14Gloops-The-Great-Fall 15Gloops-The-Great-Fall 16Gloops-The-Great-Fall 17Gloops-The-Great-Fall 18Gloops-The-Great-Fall 19Gloops-The-Great-Fall 20Gloops-The-Great-Fall 21Gloops-The-Great-Fall 22Gloops-The-Great-Fall 23Gloops-The-Great-Fall 24Gloops-The-Great-Fall 25Gloops-The-Great-Fall 26Gloops-The-Great-Fall 27Gloops-The-Great-Fall 28Gloops-The-Great-Fall 29Gloops-The-Great-Fall 30Gloops-The-Great-Fall 31Gloops-The-Great-Fall 32Gloops-The-Great-Fall 33Gloops-The-Great-Fall 34

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