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Mete Crash

Description :

Mete Crash is an arcade, fun to play, amusing and addicting galaxy game developed by Wolfland Games.
The goal of the game is to survive the meteors attack. The meteors attack from all possible directions.

"Always look up. You never know. You might see a UFO."



You were assigned to control a UFO and tasked with destroying a sudden wave of meteors coming from all directions. Along the way, what appeared to be a one wave only scenario turned in to a bigger, faster and mightier wave. Your goal, as the leader of the UFO, is to stop the meteors from hitting the UFO. Will you keep your UFO safe and sound? That's up to you.



- The game offers two unique game modes: normal and infinite.
- Normal: 3 Lives, 60 seconds, 6 bonuses.
- Infinite: 1 Life, infinite time, 4 bonuses.

- Each game mode offers bonuses for a better game-play.
- Life: Adds 1 life (normal).
- Shield: Adds a shield for 3 seconds (normal, infinite).
- Points: Bronze - 100PTS, Silver - 500PTS, Gold - 2500PTS (normal, infinite).
- Time: Adds 30 seconds to the current time (normal).

- Combo system: The more meteors you destroy in a row, the better score you will have.
- Candy system: For every meteor your destroy, you get random points between 5 - 25.
- Destroying a meteor shoots a laser with a cool sound effect.
- Fun and amusing SFX and music background (settings allows you to change the volume of sfx/music channels).

- 2 Leaderboards of top score for each game mode.
- 8 Achievements, 4 for each game mode.
- More achievements and leaderboards will be added soon.

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Wolfland Games
Version Actuelle : 1.3
La Taille : 14.5M
Avis : 8.7
Installations : 42190 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
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