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Modern Zombie Shooter

Description :

Modern Zombie Shooter is addicted frontline zombie killer game. Stupid, brainless and wild zombies attacked on a buildings, city and highway. Those Stupid and brainless zombies wants to smash whole city. In this case all humanity is in great danger and all people are defenseless and scared from these stupid and infected zombies.

City people run from the city and just you want to stay to kill the zombies because it’s your time to call your duty and smash down these stupid, infected and warrior zombies and only you are the frontline man who can fight with his different type of weapons and gunship helicopter.
This is like a world war and wold war will be end if you fight from frontline with terminator1 like stupid zombies.You are the american merine and you know how to finish these terminator1,hunter, bermuda and warrior zombies.You are a American army soldier so you have a patience,boxing punches and you are the real rockstar, only you can fight and finish these hunter, black and warrior zombies.

All animals and people of affected areas are converted into a monster gorilla, deer, dinosaur, man, woman and are the only survivor warrior so you must fight this war like civil war and save all the city and people.There are danger desert where zombies are in strength and you have to show patience and fury shoot them all by your sniper gun from your basecamp.Your basecamp is always in danger because of you, So you should fight for you basecamp too.

This is revolutionary war and world war too. you will make tomorrow and you only you can save continents for tomorrow have to fight until you have not converted into a death man.
You are an american army insurgent merine and last hope of the continents of bermuda, triumph and you must get your target zombies and give him death.death is the only solution for these warrior,gorilla ,anomaly and Terminator1 will save all animals dinosaur,anomaly,police and parkour people.thes are black nasty death intel fury civil war have to use wisely your sniper in this cival have to win this civil will fight in bermuda suits and triumph a revolutionary war and win this desert continents boxing war through your patience and hope because you are the black navy american insurgent should win this civil war fury in europe,america and in whole continents.

you should show that you are a real rockstar and fulfill the hope of patience people and achive your black target and shoot them all through your sniper parkour and save all the police,deer,military,dinosaur,plane and will think out of nest and when you are out of nest then you can teach them a lesson easily so you are the down and army navy have to triumph,revolutionary war tomorrow and you are the boxer deer and dinosaur hunter you must win this transmission civil war and when you win this transmission all people will come out of its nest and live happily.

But beware your ammo and gunship helicopter is limited so you will have to get crafty boxing transmission gorilla intel fury europe plane anomaly and use the straight to head and chest bullets, grenades, split- and buckshot in the most effective way to survive up to 30 stages. Those are timberman, stupid, cruel, big, dead, warrior, Tviruse infected zombies and those zombies can smash you with his madfinger and transfer infection and Tviruse in you and give you death life against other humanity of world.A large number of people are infected with viruses T and become zombies. You are one of the survivors in the whole city who want to kill the zombies and now you are involved in the war against the zombies.

so you are only single man to clean the city, one shotgun, limited ammo and lots of danger zombies so you have just one work to do is shooting zombies, europe plane and kill zombies and imagine that you are in a zombie game.

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Let'sPlay
Version Actuelle : 1.1
La Taille : 49.6M
Avis : 8.7
Installations : 26858 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
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