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WATDO: We Are Totally Doomed

Description :

Spooky monsters have invaded our spaceship. Most of the crew got away on escape pods, but now they’re all gone, and there is no escape. We have managed to send out a distress signal, but it’ll take weeks for a rescue team to locate us. What do we do now?

NOTE: The game is quite resource intensive. Older devices may not run this game very well.

This game was originally made for the Global Game Jam 2015.

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : EmicoGames
Version Actuelle : 0.9.12
La Taille : 6.7M
Avis : 8.9
Installations : 22909 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
WATDO-We-Are-Totally-DoomedWATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 1WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 2WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 3WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 4WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 5WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 6WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 7WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 8WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 9WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 10WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 11WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 12WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 13WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 14WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 15WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 16WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 17WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 18WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 19WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 20WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 21WATDO-We-Are-Totally-Doomed 22

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