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Jewels of Poleis

Description :

Jewels of Poleis

Do you have what it takes to capture the jewels and conquer the cities of Greece? Put your combat skills to the test in this game of battle, strategy, and blockades. Based on the ancient Greek board game of Petteia, and Latrunculi, this free Greek-inspired strategy game will test your wits and challenge your battle instincts.

Number of Players

Two. Human wit is put to the test against a computer opponent.

Board Setup

Each player has eight jewel game pieces, arranged anywhere on the board. Your game pieces on all levels are Red Rubies. Your computer opponent’s game pieces vary depending on level.

Starting jewel positions vary from level to level, so be prepared to evade quickly or attack your computer opponent immediately when the opportunity presents itself.

Game Play

Players alternate turns by moving a single jewel of choice. In each move, a player may move their jewel any number of non-blocked spaces either horizontally or vertically.

Diagonal moves are not allowed. A jewel may not “jump” over another jewel during a move. Movement is halted upon encountering any other jewel.

If any player repeats their board arrangement between captures, the last moved jewel is put in a penalized frozen state. (See “Freezing”).


A repeated board arrangement by any player between captures results in a “freeze” penalty assessed to the last moved jewel. This is to prevent game boredom. While frozen, a jewel may not be moved during that player’s turn. Each time the player again repeats the board arrangement of their jewels, the freeze “count” is incremented by one. For example, the first time the board arrangement is repeated, the jewel will be frozen for one turn. The next time the board arrangement is repeated, the jewel will be frozen for two turns. And so forth. The freeze “count” resets to zero as soon as any capture occurs on the board by either player.

A frozen jewel retains its usual behavior, except that it cannot move. (eg. A frozen jewel can participate in a capture or may be captured.)


A jewel is captured when it is surrounded orthogonally by two opposing jewels on either side. A capture is also made if a single jewel is corner captured. A corner-capture exists when a jewel is trapped in a corner space of the board and is surrounded on each orthogonal side by opponent jewels.

Ending and Winning the Game

During a turn, if a player is unable to move any jewels, then the game shall end. (eg. if all pieces are trapped or frozen).

When only one jewel remains for any player on the board, the game also ends. Upon ending the game, the player with the most captures wins.

Earning Credits

For each jewel captured on a level, credits are accumulated. The amount of credits awarded is proportional to the level on which the capture occurred. Credits are only awarded after a player wins the level. Credits are cumulative from level to level. To view the number of credits accumulated, look next to the “coin” image in the title bar.

Supported Languages: English, French, Italian, Romanian, and Turkish

12 New Levels as August 2015

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Seaboard Mocha
Version Actuelle : 1.2
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