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Quick HI - LO

Description :

Quick Hi Low is easy to understand and you can always squeeze in a quick game!!!
Quickly enjoy casual card game of Hi - Low!!!

Quick Rules of the Game
The "Player" guesses whether the face down card is higher or lower than one showing on the table.
Then that card becomes the face up card and the game continues on as you guess if each upcoming
card is higher or lower. The game ends when you play through all 52 cards in the deck. Quickly play
again and see if you can beat your personal best "Correct" choices in a row!!!

Aces are the lowest cards and Kings are the highest valued cards!!!
Matching cards are treated as a push and not a win or a lose!!!

If you have some free time, play a quick game of cards!!!

Rated E for everyone, and enjoyable for all ages!!!

***Permissions for the FREE Quick Hi - Low App are short and simple***
We will never collect any private or confidential information!!!! Privacy is important to us as well!!!
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Other contact info
Please feel free to contact us with any issues.
Scheduled updates.

Have some fun and play a quick game!!!
Outcomes are completely random, and the simulated deck is shuffled at the start of each new game.

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Digital Oppression
Version Actuelle : 6.32
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