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Adventure Island - Super Run

Description :

Adventure Island - Super Run, is a pleasant leisure running game.
Adventure Island - Super Run is a funny game. The game has a variety of very cute little partner, following the protagonist, summon invincible lovely incarnations war dragon. They need to jump ahead, you need to collect coins on the way forward, the need to avoid the various monsters brave and resourceful attacks. The game is no longer touched on the mode of death, the protagonist of all abilities have led the junior partner, to destroy the monster, destroy the dragon. The protagonist of the game is still to avoid the monster and the fireball hit, in order to avoid the loss of a small partner! Gameplay innovation, new and interesting content, run more can call turned invincible, destroy all kinds of monsters, let Parkour more readily and more fun! 2015 Parkour most personality, not to be missed. Life is full of challenges, come help complete adventure protagonist, like the classic friends do not miss it!

--- Game Features ---
- Lead to lead, team parkour!
- A variety of cute little partner optional! Buns, plants, mushrooms, tree man, snowman, rabbit, bees, relaxed joy;
- Small partners can transform! Turned the game at any time, is so capricious;
- Lovely invincible transfiguration, with you before the trip! ;
- Infinite beauty, all in the eyes! High-quality scenes, random variation;
- Slumped monster heaven, difficult road ahead;
- Led by partner, destroy the dragon! Defeat the Boss, save the princess;
- Five bands trophy, Infinite Glory Imagine Dragon Knight cool running fun;
- To share with friends, one to compete! After the end of the game scores to a friend to share with friends one to compete

--- How to play Adventure Island - Super Run ---
- Just need to keep clicking and sliding, you will reap fun

--- Adventure Island - Super Runr Game Tips ---
- As far as possible to run the farther the better, you will get a higher score and coins
- This game is just like the classic Contra, Super Mario, minion run, crazy candy, Somalia,knight,zombies game, it's very interesting.

--- Contact Adventure Island - Super Runr ---
In the use of the application process, have any questions or difficulties (setting method, Bug, or want to add features, etc.), please send Email to, we'll get back to you in the first time.
- Do not stay in these problems and reviews in!
- Please provide details of the problems, if there are screenshots are the best!

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Game520
Version Actuelle : 1.1
La Taille : 15.6M
Avis : 9
Installations : 26659 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
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