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Bubble Shooter Nirvana

Description :

500 Levels of Bubble Shooting fun in a calming Nirvana feeling!. Match 3 colors to pop bubbles in this classic and addictive game! Aim carefully and pop your way through Nirvana. Take yourself to another place. Take the time, change the pace. Enjoy the scenery and take a deep breath in Nirvana. Change the way you play.

Why you will like Bubble Nirvana
ஐ Features over 500 bubble popping levels
ஐ It’s extremely addictive
ஐ It’s Fun for the whole family!

How to play
ஐ Match at least three bubbles of the same color to pop!
ஐ Every time you pop a color, it will not return
ஐ Drag your finger to use the laser sight, and aim precisely
ஐ The stone bubbles will get in your way
ஐ The 2 colored bubbles will make your life easier
ஐ You have limited shots with which to complete every level

Play it cool and pop the right bubbles. Nirvana is a state of mind and also a state of fun. Earn three stars and focus on your inner bubble master. Try it out today FOR FREE!

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Bubble Shooter Artworks
Version Actuelle : 1.1
La Taille : 26.0M
Avis : 8.7
Installations : 26669 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
Bubble-Shooter-NirvanaBubble-Shooter-Nirvana 1Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 2Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 3Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 4Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 5Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 6Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 7Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 8Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 9Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 10Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 11Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 12Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 13Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 14Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 15Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 16Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 17Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 18Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 19Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 20Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 21Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 22Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 23Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 24Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 25Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 26Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 27Bubble-Shooter-Nirvana 28

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