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Mermaid Princess: Beauty Salon

Description :

A royal mermaid princess has a lot to consider in her life when it comes to doing the right thing for her people, but sometimes, she just needs to take a little time for herself! Pampering time!

The mermaid princess is ready to spend the whole day with her best friend at the beauty salon getting pampered during a fashion makeover. They are going to have so much fun. They will begin their spa day by getting some really fun spa treatments that make their skin positively glow. They will add to that radiance by getting a royal makeup makeover.

Topping their day off with a fashion outfit dress up party is the way to go. Can you help the princess and her friend unwind all day long? How many different high fashion looks can you come up with for them?

How to Play:
• Royal Day Off
• Start by getting some wonderful spa treatments
• Follow that up with a fun makeup makeover
• Play dress up with all kinds of royal mermaid outfits
• Have a lot of fun!

There might be a lot of headaches that come from being a royal mermaid princess, but there can be some great perks. This princess and her best friend are going to have a lovely day to remember. Download now to get started!

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Mommy & Me
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Avis : 6.9
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