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Steffen Z
Auto-translated from German
Useful Expandable tool keep it up ...... :-)

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A good surprize Thank you.Helped me get attwifi back at starbucks

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Good App for knowing N/W info Displaying all the required network info...

K.Y.A.N stands for Know Your Android Network! This is a small utility to fetch Android network connection details, mobile data network details, Wi-Fi details and Wi-Fi Hotspot details.
Network Connection Details
1. Check if Android is connected to network or not.
2. Makes a HTTP request to to confirm if Internet connectivity is available
3. Check if there is connectivity to a Wi-Fi network or mobile network
4. Checks for Type of Network , below are the types of network
i. GPRS: General packet radio service
ii. EDGE: Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
iii. CDMA: Code division multiple access
iv. 1xRTT: 1x (single-carrier) Radio Transmission Technology
v. IDEN: Integrated Digital Enhanced Network
vi. UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
vii. EVDO: Enhanced Voice-Data Optimized or Enhanced Voice-Data Only
viii. HSDPA: High-Speed Downlink Packet Access
ix. HSUPA: High-Speed Uplink Packet Access
x. HSPA: High Speed Packet Access
xi. LTE: Long Term Evolution
5. Retrieves network time using Simple SNTP client
Mobile Data Network Details
1. Fetches Device IP Address
2. Fetches Device Mac Address
3. Fetches International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI ) number of the device
4. Fetches Android Unique ID, which is a 64-bit number (as a hex string) that is randomly generated on the device's first boot and remain constant for the lifetime of the device

Wi-Fi Details
1. Open Wireless and Networks Page directly
2. Show’s Wi-Fi router name to which device is connected
3. Fetches IP Address assigned to device via Wi-Fi router
4. Fetches the basic service set identifier (BSSID) of the current access point. The BSSID may be null if there is no network currently connected. The BSSID, in the form of a six-byte MAC address: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
5. Reads Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) configuration details. A WEP key is a security code system for Wi-Fi networks. WEP keys allow a group of devices on a local network (such as a home network) to exchange encoded messages with each other while hiding the contents of the messages from easy viewing by outsiders.
Wi-Fi Details
1. Get’s detail if Wi-Fi hotspot is turned ON or disabled
2. If device’s Wi-Fi hotspot is ON , and some devices are using this Wi-Fi hotspot, then details, IPAddress, HWAddress etc can be obtained using “Get Wi-Fi Hotspot details” features.


1. Used ActionBarShelock for action actionbar design. ActionBarSherlock is an extension of the support library designed to facilitate the use of the action bar design pattern across all versions of Android with a single API.

2. Wi-Fi hotspot details information, has been referred from, This project is open source and free, it is available under the Apache v2 License

3. Network Time, it has been referred from, it comes under

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