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Planet Drupal

Description :

Planet Drupal is an aggregated list of feeds about Drupal from all over the web. It uses Drupal core's Aggregator module. Planet Drupal is focused only on Drupal content and does not contain all posts, regardless of topic, as some other planet-style project feeds do.
Planet Drupal aggregates broadly appealing, Drupal-related blog posts pertaining to the community at large (code, advocacy, marketing, infrastructure etc.).
Planet Drupal is an awesome blog aggregation service.Here you can find articles from over 400 sources with information, tutorials, news and techniques to get your Drupal site off the ground and really cranking.

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-09
Développeur : AIIR
Version Actuelle : 2.x-1.00-rel-15Sep2011
La Taille : 137.1K
Avis : 6.5
Installations : 28507 Installations
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