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Using Unblock-Us to watch Netflix, listen to Pandora, etc. on your Google TV, Android tablet or phone? This handy little app automatically reactivates your IP address with unblock-us.com every time it changes, and let's you switch to a different content region, all without having to go through the web browser.※ Note! ※
This application requires an existing paid subscription to https://www.unblock-us.com in order to work correctly!Note that it's possible, though not necessary, to run this app on several Android devices at once. Unblock Us is device agnostic, it only cares about your public IP address, which in a typical home network scenario all devices share. The device you actually consume content on *must* be configured with the Unblock-Us DNS, however.※ Early access program ※
Want early access to upcoming versions or provide feedback? You can join the beta tester community here:
https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/104816426359478953394※ Privacy statement ※
All you need to supply is the email address you used to register with unblock-us.com. No password required. YOUR EMAIL IS SENT /ONLY/ TO UNBLOCK-US.COM AND NOWHERE ELSE. I respect your privacy as much as I do mine.※ Terms of use ※
This is a 3rd party application and as such is not created or maintained by NetProtect Inc., the company behind Unblock Us. I provide this app as-is and free of charge without any warranties or liabilities from my end. By installing and using the app you agree to these terms.※ Feedback ※
Feel free to send me feedback / questions / bug reports. Please make sure all problems you report can be attributed to the actual application. For any service related inquiries, contact @Unblock_Us on Twitter.This project uses icons from the icons4android project. https://icons4android.com/

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-09
Développeur : Mudhook Marketing
Version Actuelle : 2.1.3
La Taille : 1.5M
Avis : 6.7
Installations : 31657 Installations
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