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Year of Festivals in Ireland

Description :

Mark Graham has just finished a quest to attend three festivals in Ireland every single week for a whole year, this app is the wonderful result of those misspent months. The app sets out to list as many of the festivals happening in Ireland in 2013 as possible and give a dash of detail and colour on some of the best of them.

You can -

- See Listings
- Locate Festivals on a Map
- Add Festivals to your Plan
- Stay in touch with Social Media Stuff

We can't get them all, so if we're missing any let us know. The app is updated daily and listings are constantly being added as festivals confirm dates and add to their programmes. Cow dung, cowboys, combines and all the year's rock 'n' roll circuses are right here. Knock yourselves out! The most complete listings are sponsored by the festivals themselves which means you get the app for free and Mark gets diesel, tyres and Buckfast. is the blog that Mark started last year while on his festival quest around Ireland. If you're looking for a little more detail on some of the festivals listed here, that would be the place to have a rummage. If you're looking for something that's wrote much more better, check the Festival Fit column in The Ticket with The Irish Times every Friday.

Contact and listing: Abuse, suggestions and missed festivals are always welcome - This is the first lash at this app craic and if it goes well it will happen annually. If you can help us make it better or you want to have your festival listed, give us a holler. For a more complete approach to stalking, throw @YearOfFestivals into the mix and go troll on A Year of Festivals in Ireland on Facepuke. We do be loving the social media malarky :)

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