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Bootzilla The Game

Description :

The definitive game for DJS From Mars' Real Fan

DJS From Mars are an international dj duo included in the DJ Mag Top 100.
They are known for their mash-ups of popular songs turned into electro dance music and wearing cardboard boxes on their heads while playing live. They performed at a number of night clubs and events over the world. If you love music, you'll love DJS From Mars. If you love DJS From Mars' you have to play this game.

Brand new unreleased music from DJS from Mars
Original soundtrack composed exclusively for the game. And when you complete all the 20 levels you can get "Bootzilla 2014", the latest unpublished re-mix by DJs from Mars, for free.

20 levels of exciting block destroying
Easy to learn but challenging game: tap all the boxes. Due to the physics engine, you can solve levels only mixing your best abilities: willness, timing and perseverance.

Fantastic physics puzzles
Tap the boxes and help your DJ to reach the turntables without falling away! Real time physics based on a 3D physics engine to grant a unpredictable and realistic simulation also in a 2D game.

Original characters based on the real DJs From Mars
Play with your favourite DJs duo and enjoy the incredible original game soundrack. Designed in strict collaboration with DJS From Mars.

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Gaminaction Studios
Version Actuelle : 1.0
La Taille : 46.1M
Avis : 8.9
Installations : 38327 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
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