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King of Geography - Quiz

Description :

This is a quiz game that matches position of each countries.

Please select the name of the country, and select the location that corresponds to the country on a world map.

It can play the game each separated by a continent or the world.

Through the interesting geography education, please raise your child's concentration, thinking, learning, cognitive skills and more.

Please your children raise the foundation to learn the world through the playing with map.


Main function

1. Game

- You can solve the quiz by continents, world or customized mode.
- Select a country name at the bottom of the screen and select the location in which the corresponding map.
- If you are wrong answer during the game, it will be added to the time of the quiz-solving as penalty.
- If you are wrong answer three times during the game play, hints are provided

2. Score

- It is calculated number of correct answers and quiz-solving times.
- If you read more correct answers and reduce the time of quiz-solving, It is given higher points.

3. Study

- Before you start the game through the learning you will be able to improve the skills.

4. Settings

- Game mode: play by step/play all at a time
- Sound on/off
- Share app


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Informations :

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