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Word-L - (Word Quest)

Description :

Wordl is a puzzle game where you need to make words from a collection of tiles across various levels. Make longer words to score higher points and use a verity of bonus tiles to further increase your score.

Battle the elements and watch out for tiles that catch fire, lightning and meteor storms which can really ruin your day. Get a great word? Tweet your best word to the world and challenge your friends to beat it!


** 60 Levels over a verity of styles and block configurations
** Environmental challenges such as lighting and meteor storms
** Various bonus tiles that affect gameplay and score
** Challenges such as high score, use required tiles, time attack, and make words of a certain length

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-02-27
Développeur : Silentmoon Games
Version Actuelle :
La Taille :
Avis : 8.4
Installations : 7410 Installations
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