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4X4 Mountain Driver

Description :

WARNING: For Extreme Sport Enthusiasts Only. Proceed at your own risk!!!
4X4 MOUNTAIN DRIVER APP is a legend on four-wheels. We’ve rigged up our 4x4 offroad truck with the best dash, transmission, and meats pixels can buy. Rev up and go on an off-road joyride over gnarly mountainous terrain, country dirt roads, and narrow bridges.
Are you a TRAIL BOSS? If so, check out the FEATURES:
● Gorgeous graphics. Feels like you’re sucking dust on the trail!
● Simulated driving - feel like you’re offroad and not “oncouch.”
● Drive, accelerate, reverse, and break – just like a real 4x4 mountain driver.
● Legit offroad terrain: mountains, hills, and bridges to keep you on your toes.
● Lots of crazy obstacles offers hours of monster-trucking action!
● Intuitive on-screen controls.
● Extremely FUN to drive.
● Family friendly! Great for kids of all ages.
● NO drivers license required.
● Internet NOT required. Play anywhere.
● Accommodates Android and tablets.
This ain’t no show truck. Our 4x4 Mountain Driver is “The Rock.” Go ahead; take the wheel of this metal-beast and motor your way over open fields, dirt paths, and rocky mountains in this ROCKCRAWLER.
While the game is SIMULATED, the THRILLS are REAL.
Driving our 4x4 mountain driver will require pro skills. Make a clumsy turn or accelerate into a bog and you just might tip this offroad monster on it’s back like a turtle.
Or, be a little reckless and see if you can achieve summersaults or feats of SUV acrobatics!
- Rolling green hills. Breathe in that fresh air. Are you in Ireland? This is fun and relaxing, but don’t get too comfortable, because it’s about to get difficult --
- BOULDERS and ROCKS make for a gnarly off-road trail. Is it challenging? You bet. And unlike the other 4x4 SUV games out there, you won’t fall asleep at the wheel.
- Watch out for the lake. Navigate over the narrow bridge to cross to the other side.
- Go FAST, reverse, go FASTER, break, or just go even FASTER!!! The 4x4 mountain driver is equipped with all the features of a real SUV.
Experienced and inexperienced 4x4 Mountain drivers will enjoy this app. Enjoy the beautiful views as you burn rubber and climb mountains, hills, and traverse bridges in this offroad adventure!

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : 4X4 Games and Apps
Version Actuelle : 1.0
La Taille : 30.2M
Avis : 8.1
Installations : 24820 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
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