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Blood Cholesterol Scan Prank

Description :

Blood Cholesterol is Fat also called lipid which is required by you body to work properly. There are Good and Bad Cholesterol. Too much Bad Cholesterol can lead to heart disease, stroke, obesity, and other health problems. It's very important to keep Cholesterol under normal level. Cholesterol can be divided into
- Total Cholesterol
- HDL ( High density lipoprotein ) - Good Cholesterol
- LDL ( Low density lipoprotein ) - Bad Cholesterol Note : This is a prank app and please don't rely on the result produced by this app.
What we consider in this app is Total Cholesterol. We have used simple formula based on your height and weight to calculate how much your body has Total Cholesterol. This is just an estimate based on ratio of your height and weight. The app first calculates desirable weight a person should have based on this his/her height. Cholesterol level is then calculated depending upon the deference of desirable and actual weight.
There are four levels of Cholesterol in this app.
- No Cholesterol ( this means you Cholesterol level is below the required level of your body )
- Desirable ( this means your Cholesterol level is perfect as per your body requirement.)
- Borderline ( This means your Cholesterol level is just little more then your body requirement. It means you need to take care of your Cholesterol level )
- High Level ( This means your really need to put in efforts to reduce your Cholesterol levels.)How this app works :- Click the start button
- Enter your gender Male/Female
- Enter information about your height and weight, then click on OK button
- You desirable weight according to your height will be displayed. Then click Proceed .
- Place you finger to scan ( This is just a fake scanner. Its just a simulation of scanning )
- You'll get your Cholesterol level .
- You can share your levels with others on facebook, whatsapp and other social apps. Note : Please don't rely on the result produced by this app. Its just a simulation of Cholesterol level scanning. It's mainly developed for prank purpose.

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