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Bulldog on Skateboard

Description :

Are you up for a challenge?

Very easy to control - just tilt your device and tap on buttons to speed up and slow down. Avoid people walking in the park. You can increase the speed by multi-clicking the "speed up" button, but be careful - it will become much harder to avoid "obstacles" at high speed !

Try to drive your Bulldog as long as possible ! Simple, but very fun game !

For all kids at any age !

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Mud Bucket Games
Version Actuelle : 1.0.0
La Taille : 19.7M
Avis : 6.1
Installations : 30254 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
Bulldog-on-SkateboardBulldog-on-Skateboard 1Bulldog-on-Skateboard 2Bulldog-on-Skateboard 3Bulldog-on-Skateboard 4Bulldog-on-Skateboard 5Bulldog-on-Skateboard 6Bulldog-on-Skateboard 7Bulldog-on-Skateboard 8Bulldog-on-Skateboard 9Bulldog-on-Skateboard 10Bulldog-on-Skateboard 11Bulldog-on-Skateboard 12Bulldog-on-Skateboard 13Bulldog-on-Skateboard 14Bulldog-on-Skateboard 15Bulldog-on-Skateboard 16Bulldog-on-Skateboard 17Bulldog-on-Skateboard 18Bulldog-on-Skateboard 19Bulldog-on-Skateboard 20Bulldog-on-Skateboard 21Bulldog-on-Skateboard 22Bulldog-on-Skateboard 23Bulldog-on-Skateboard 24Bulldog-on-Skateboard 25Bulldog-on-Skateboard 26Bulldog-on-Skateboard 27Bulldog-on-Skateboard 28Bulldog-on-Skateboard 29Bulldog-on-Skateboard 30Bulldog-on-Skateboard 31Bulldog-on-Skateboard 32Bulldog-on-Skateboard 33Bulldog-on-Skateboard 34Bulldog-on-Skateboard 35Bulldog-on-Skateboard 36Bulldog-on-Skateboard 37Bulldog-on-Skateboard 38

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