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Custom Gun Simulator FREE

Description :

Custom Gun Simulator is a gun builder that allow you to build gun the way you want. Try out and customize the best guns in the world with large selection of parts, attachments, optics, laser sights and red dot sights, adjustable stocks and camos for any combat situation. Create unique custom gun with our app! This is a combination between construction and simulation! Custom Gun simulator lets you to do everything virtually, switch off safety, adjust the fire select, chamber and fire your favorite guns. You can choose what to build assault rifles, handguns, shotguns or revolver. After you finish customization lock & load and start shooting, do not worry about ammunition it’s unlimited! This gun builder simulator game do not include any purchases it all completely free!
We selected the best guns that is allowing to get customized!

[Weapons included]
- American AR 15 assault rifle
- Most popular pistols US made
- Russian AK (also known as AK-47 or Kalashnikov Assault rifle)
- Bp 10 .308 long range sniper rifle
- II-A 38 Special Revolver
- Powerful KEG 12 AOW Shotgun
And much more…

[Features ]
- Realistic Fire, Sound, Smoke, Recoil Effects & 3D Bullets
- Authentic Weapon Mechanics
- Full HD Graphics
- Large selection of accessories, optics, lights, lasers, reflex sights, grenade launchers, camouflage
- Shot from your customized weapon
- Each gun fully customizable
- Shake phone to fire
- Simulation shooting game

This is not toy gun builder it’s a real gun builder with real gun parts that existing! With high-resolution graphic you can zoom gun and see the details. Whatever you choose in build options will be saved on your device so you do not have to worry about saving. In the options you can choose how to shoot with your gun, select slow or normal motion, chose unlimited ammo or the normal number of bullets within magazine. It’s the same for vibrations, smoke effects and screen rotation. Share with other people this simulator game, show to them virtual guns on your phone and have great time with best gun app.

Download the best gun builder game for free now! Build weaponry on your own way!

This application is made for entertainment purpose only.

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Advanced Weapon Tech
Version Actuelle : 1.01
La Taille : 20.9M
Avis : 6.1
Installations : 19714 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
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