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Excavator: Sand Rescue Op

Description :

turn the engine of sand excavator truck on to enjoy one of the latest excavator games having the best rescue operations. think strategically with sand excavator simulator while removing the pile of sand with the help of sand excavator truck. this sand excavator simulator provides the best of excavator games with the liberty of performing five interesting sand rescue operations. it’s time to become a fearless heavy excavator driver and download excavator: sand rescue operation.
we have 5 interesting missions of sand excavation in one of the latest simulator games. our basic mission is to clear out the piles of sand blocking the entrance of houses. in all the levels, we will use the excavator to excavate the pile of sand away from the entrance of houses. and once the pile of sand is away from the house, the excavator will come into action and it will excavate the sand by putting in the dumper truck. in each level, a specific time limit will be provided and if the user is not able to complete the mission in the provided time, the game will be over.
dive into the most memorable sand excavator simulator journey that gives you an experience of operating heavy sand excavator truck while performing challenging rescue operations in one of the finest rescue games. unlike other excavator games, you will definitely enjoy the tremendous excavator: sand rescue operation!

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Great Games Studio
Version Actuelle : 1.1
La Taille : 40.4M
Avis : 8.3
Installations : 29385 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
Excavator-Sand-Rescue-OpExcavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 1Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 2Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 3Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 4Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 5Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 6Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 7Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 8Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 9Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 10Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 11Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 12Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 13Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 14Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 15Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 16Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 17Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 18Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 19Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 20Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 21Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 22Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 23Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 24Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 25Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 26Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 27Excavator-Sand-Rescue-Op 28

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