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Kabu Rocket Launch

Description :

Kabu Rocket Launch is an arcade game that allows you to actively participate in the fun. The player's task is to launch one of the heroes into space as soon as possible.

Sheeps have all the necessary equipment. Your goal is to collect as much money as you can to improve their "toys".

Depending on your preference, you can choose one of three types of in-game music.

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- 2 heroes
- 6 soundtracks (techno, rock, hip-hop) (NEW - soul, electro ,epic)
- 5 rocket parts to upgrade (engine, afterburners, fuel, tractor beam, maneuvering thrusters)
- control by tilting the device
- unlimited fun!


Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-02-10
Développeur : Smart Tech
Version Actuelle : 1.2.2
La Taille : 10.8M
Avis : 6.6
Installations : 13534 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
Kabu-Rocket-LaunchKabu-Rocket-Launch 1Kabu-Rocket-Launch 2Kabu-Rocket-Launch 3Kabu-Rocket-Launch 4Kabu-Rocket-Launch 5Kabu-Rocket-Launch 6Kabu-Rocket-Launch 7Kabu-Rocket-Launch 8Kabu-Rocket-Launch 9Kabu-Rocket-Launch 10Kabu-Rocket-Launch 11Kabu-Rocket-Launch 12Kabu-Rocket-Launch 13Kabu-Rocket-Launch 14Kabu-Rocket-Launch 15Kabu-Rocket-Launch 16Kabu-Rocket-Launch 17Kabu-Rocket-Launch 18Kabu-Rocket-Launch 19Kabu-Rocket-Launch 20Kabu-Rocket-Launch 21Kabu-Rocket-Launch 22Kabu-Rocket-Launch 23Kabu-Rocket-Launch 24Kabu-Rocket-Launch 25Kabu-Rocket-Launch 26Kabu-Rocket-Launch 27Kabu-Rocket-Launch 28Kabu-Rocket-Launch 29Kabu-Rocket-Launch 30Kabu-Rocket-Launch 31Kabu-Rocket-Launch 32Kabu-Rocket-Launch 33Kabu-Rocket-Launch 34

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