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Parachute Jump : Sky Dive Game

Description :

Parachute Jump : Sky Dive Game

Parachute Jump is sky diving an addictive gameplay. the goal of the game is to fall down person from parachute on to the water tube to safe his life. but keep in mind the obstacles keep flying on air to disturb him.


Tap on the screen to let person fall down from parachute.

If you enjoy classic jumping games .then you will love this variation which takes the genre and turns it on its head. Parachute jump down avoiding obstacles, make hat-trick safe his life to get an extra life to achieve the maximum score.


Test your estimation ability and predict the final position based on different scenarios.

Easy and fun

Realistic jumping on water and water tubes.

Well-designed graphics and sounds

Avoid the flying obstacles (helicopters, airplane and rocket)

Further Updates we are working on will make the game even more efficient and easy to use!

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : ANDROID PIXELS
Version Actuelle : 1.2
La Taille : 16.3M
Avis : 10
Installations : 33116 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
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