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Paragliding Simulator

Description :

You have ever wanted to fly aerobatics with your paraglider, but you found its a way to dangerous for your skills. So here you can try out some of the hardest maneuver like infinity tumbling, misty flips, helis and much more, in a really safe environment.
Or you just want to have fun on non flyable days.

Thermaling up and fly away, soaring long ridges. Try out the cross country competition mode and beat the others time on the different tasks. You can submit your score to Google Play and share it on social media plattforms.

Get out your full reflex wing, put the paramotor on your back and fly some very challenging pylon races for powered paraglider pilots. Try to be the fastest racer out there.

In accuracy mode you have to land on the landingspot as near as possible. Don't miss the raft or you will get wet.

You don't want to compete. No problem, in free flight mode you can choose between all the different wings and fly where you want and how you want. Thermaling up with an XC wing and going down with style on an acrobatic glider It's up to you!

Développeurs note:
This is the first version. Since this is a one man project it can take some time to get new things done. I will try to improve the physics from time to time. So please don't be to harsh on the rating if something is not so realistic.

For the future there is planned:
- full maneuver detection in Acro mode, so then it will also be possible to have competitions there
- more landscapes
- more races

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
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Version Actuelle : 1.0
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