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RandomNation - Politics Game

Description :

Random Nation is a fun political simulator which is easy to play but challenging to master. Run a democracy, play politics, set policies, win the presidential election or control the government as a dictator. As president or prime minister you will pass political policies, handle random events and try to stay in power as long as possible.

• Choose your political party or be a dictator
• Play politics: Over 30 policies to pass
• Fun and challenging: 5 different ways to lose the game
• Random events: natural disasters, economic booms and busts, wars + more
• Campaign to win the election every 4 years
• Pass or veto policies from parliament
• Popularity, economy, population and budget statistics to help you decide which political policies to pass

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Further details:
A democratic game of Random Nation (normal mode) starts by choosing your political party. This determines the politics of your party in parliament and they will pass policies that matches their political ideology, which you can veto if you wish. Currently there is only the choice between left wing and right wing but other politics such as socialism or communism, fascism, nationalism, liberalism, libertarianism and others are being considered for the next update. In dictator mode you have complete control of the politics of your country.

There are multiple ways to lose in RandomNation: you can lose in a war when a country invades you, you can lose the presidential election, a lower class revolution can occur, you can run out of money by going bankrupt or be thrown out by your party with a vote of no confidence.

The random events that occur can have an effect on the economic simulation with booms and busts, there can be natural disasters and other events too! There are democratic elections every 4 years in normal mode, will you be the next Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and win an election?

How to play well and have fun:

• Make sure to satisfy your population by passing policies in education, healthcare, safety, welfare, transport and more policy areas that will help them out. You need to be popular to win the election.

• Be prepared for the worst: defense spending, emergency services and disaster protection will help fend off invaders and natural disasters.

• Improve the economy: certain policies improve the economy, try to find out what keeps unemployment low and tax revenue high. You can work this out by looking at business and corporation satisfaction.

• Demographics and population matter. Look at immigration and emigration and the proportion of retired and children, these will have an effect on your government revenue and expenditure.

• Have fun by emulating the policies of a politician you know of. Try emulating the policies of 2016 election presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz or Gary Johnson. Or you could try simulating other politicians like David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage or Vladimir Putin. If you don’t like these politicians try running a government that matches your ideology whether socialist or nationalist, liberal or conservative, democrat or republican.

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Random Nation
Version Actuelle : 1.76
La Taille : 3.9M
Avis : 6.8
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