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Train: Passengers Transport 3D

Description :

Train: Passengers Transport 3D
Train yourself to be real qualified train driver. Try this train driving simulation game!
Train drivers: operate trains, ensuring that passengers and freight get to the destination safely on time. Drive trains on local/national/international rail networks.

If you are a fans in railways, can concentrate for long periods and understand the importance of safety, you must love this train driver: passengers transport 3D.
During gameplay, you would make stops along your route to pick up and drop off passengers or freight.
Besides, various missions during train driving include:
-make passenger announcements
-position and hand over engines to drivers on the next shift
-check equipment and engines before a journey starts
-follow signalling instructions during the journey
-control automatic doors
-contact control centers for info. about routes or any problems

Wait for the departure signal, close the door and off to go! Remember to pay attention the sign. You may worry that you know about driving a train right? Don’t worry, our tutorial will help you better equal to a real train driver plus with our driving map.
Start your train driver career today with. This cool and awesome simulator game offers you a chance to experience what a train driver’s life is. However, time is limited. Remember: Keep your eyes on time because if you don’t drop the passengers off at the right places within time, you have to start over again. Try to drop off the passenger safe and sound.

Game features:
-first person 3D simulator
-cool and awesome train
-stunning and beautiful landscape
-introductory guide
-8 different challenges
-limited time
-pick up and drop off passengers
-Free for all

Passenger are waiting for your driving. Come on it’s your duty to pick up them and take them to destination with Train: Passengers Transport 3D!

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Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : CheziSimu Apps
Version Actuelle : 1.6
La Taille : 30.1M
Avis : 6.7
Installations : 31001 Installations
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