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What'Smileys: smileys for chat

Description :

Quickly share big & beautiful smileys with your friends and family in chat applications as WhatsApp™. And it's free!
You will find more than 1024 selected funny smileys , organized in different families.
Smileys can be sent to Android or iPhone phones.

How to use it?
★ Share smiley: in WhatsApp™, Facebook™, LINE™, Skype™, Viber™, WeChat™, SnapChat™, Kik™, MMS, email and any other chat app that need some images, you can select Join/Picture, WhatSmileys, then select the smiley
★ In WhatsApp™ and SMS/MMS you will have a floating icon to quickly choose and share a smiley (you can hide the icon in the app preferences)
★ Copy to gallery feature let you copy smiley to gallery then use it anywhere you want: assign a smiley to a contact, use it in chat application where only gallery is available...

There is also a TOP category with the most used smileys all over the world and a history one to keep & quickly share your favorites smileys.

• this is not a an android keyboard application. For that, please explicitly search for smileys/emoticon android keyboard in the store.
• this is not smiley for texting application. Smileys could not be used in SMS, MMS must be used.
• in some countries whasap or wasap names are still used

Special thanks to all artists:
✔ 7inc: https://7inc.deviantart.com
✔ Annassi Medhi aka Bad Blood artist: https://bad-blood.deviantart.com
✔ Design Bolts: https://www.designbolts.com
✔ Freepik: https://www.freepik.com/
✔ IconCreme: https://iconcreme.com/
✔ Icon Drawer www.IconDrawer.com and Iconka (www.Iconka.com)
✔ Iconka www.Iconka.com
✔ Icons Land https://www.icons-land.com
✔ IconTexto: https://icontexto.deviantart.com
✔ PeHaa: https://pehaa.com
✔ Jojo Mendoza a.k.a. Hopstarter/Deleket https://deleket.deviantart.com
✔ Seanau: https://www.seanau.com
✔ Schollidesign: https://schollidesign.deviantart.com
✔ Szgfx: https://szgfx.deviantart.com
✔ Titos2k: https://rysownik.com
✔ Visual Pharm: https://www.visualpharm.com

Unofficial application. This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Messenger, its name, trademark, and other aspects of the app are trademarked and owned by their respective owners.

♡☮ ...App made with love & fun...☮♡
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Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-03-19
Développeur : Share It Again
Version Actuelle : 3.3.0
La Taille : 16.5M
Avis : 8.7
Installations : 16980 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chatWhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 1WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 2WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 3WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 4WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 5WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 6WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 7WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 8WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 9WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 10WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 11WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 12WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 13WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 14WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 15WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 16WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 17WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 18WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 19WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 20WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 21WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 22WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 23WhatSmileys-smileys-for-chat 24

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