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io game Dogar - new modes!

Description :

It is time for some Monkey Smash fun!

How to play:

Touch anywhere to move left and right. To fire touch and hold anywhere without moving left or right.

Help your Monkey to stop the Red Birds from passing by smashing them.

Collect coins to unlock faster Monkeys and earn a higher score.

Earn extra bonus coins by collecting 20 consecutive coins without allowing any coins to pass.

Unlock the Bomb which has a larger Smash and can hit other nearby Birds with one bang.

The Gold Bird is golden and will keep giving coins after each smash. He is a good Bird so it is OK that he passes.

The Big Red Bird takes 3 smashes to stop.

The number of Birds and speed will increase the further you progress.

Have fun!

Informations :

Mise À Jour : 2017-05-08
Développeur : Anthony Barone
Version Actuelle : v1.3.9
La Taille : 29.7M
Avis : 1
Installations : 33718 Installations
Lien Google Play: Lien
Monkey-SmashMonkey-Smash 1Monkey-Smash 2Monkey-Smash 3Monkey-Smash 4Monkey-Smash 5Monkey-Smash 6Monkey-Smash 7Monkey-Smash 8Monkey-Smash 9Monkey-Smash 10Monkey-Smash 11Monkey-Smash 12Monkey-Smash 13Monkey-Smash 14Monkey-Smash 15Monkey-Smash 16Monkey-Smash 17Monkey-Smash 18Monkey-Smash 19Monkey-Smash 20Monkey-Smash 21Monkey-Smash 22Monkey-Smash 23Monkey-Smash 24Monkey-Smash 25Monkey-Smash 26Monkey-Smash 27Monkey-Smash 28

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